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Gateway to College: An Opportunity to Finish High School while Beginning College

Gateway to College

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) and Saint Paul College have teamed with Gateway to College National Network (GtCNN) to offer this nationally recognized program. In& 2018, the Saint Paul Gateway to College program received the National Network Gateway Graduation Achievement Award for exceeding the national graduation benchmark.

The SPPS Gateway to College Model:

  • Every Gateway to College student is a Saint Paul College student; our students spend their entire school day at Saint Paul College, taking some high school classes taught by Saint Paul Public Schools teachers and some college classes
  • Students are in regular, main-stream college classes along with all other Saint Paul College students
  • Gateway students have all met roadblocks to their education that lead them from traditional schooling - most have either quit school or are off track to graduate - all of our students are considered “at risk”
  • Gateway staff works tirelessly to wrap students with thoughtful supports beyond academics

Gateway to College is for students who are:

  • Ages 16-21
  • In need of high school credits
  • Committed to their education
  • Planning to go to college
  • Willing to attend school every day
  • Ready for the challenges of a college environment

How Gateway to College Works:

  • Students earn their high school diploma and college credits at the same time
  • All classes are held at Saint Paul College
  • Students are supported by Gateway to College staff to thrive in a college environment

Gateway to College Application Information
For information how to apply to this program, go to SPPS Gateway to College

Gateway to College contact information:

Darren Yerama
Office 3105 at Saint Paul College

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