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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Graduation from Saint Paul College

All students must apply for graduation, regardless of whether they plan to participate in the graduation ceremony. Submitting an application for graduation initiates the official review of your records, notation of your graduation to your transcripts, and ordering of your degree, diploma, and/or certificate.

Graduation Requirements

Program Requirements

You must successfully complete all program requirements with a minimum cumulative 2.0 grade point average in order to be considered for graduation from the College. You can review your progress toward graduation by accessing your Interactive Degree Audit Report (DARS) within your eServices account (choose Grades and Transcripts, then Degree Audit Report).

Degree Residency

You must earn a minimum of 20 credits for all associate degrees at Saint Paul College. The residency requirement shall be reduced to 12 college-level credits for students transferring with at least 12 college-level credits from another Minnesota State institution or the University of Minnesota. One third of the credits required for a diploma or certificate must be earned at the College.

Time Limits for Graduation

You will have five years to complete your work under the terms of the catalog in effect at the time of your first enrollment. You must have been in attendance during the catalog year selected. If you take more than five years to complete your graduation requirements, you may follow any catalog in effect during the five-year period preceding the date of graduation.

If you have a break in attendance for one year or longer, you are encouraged to discuss your educational plans with the Student Records Office for a determination on which catalogs you can apply under and would benefit you the most.

To ensure you graduate with up-to-date skills, technical credits are valid for five years or have a five-year “lifespan.” This includes transfer technical credits which are used for specific technical program requirements. Technical courses that are beyond the five-year limit may be accepted, depending upon currency, relevancy, and your current work experience.

Financial Obligations

All outstanding matters concerning tuition, financial aid obligations, library books, and/or any other school indebtedness must be resolved, in order to participate in graduation ceremony and to receive your degree, diploma, and/or certificate. Please log into your eServices account to check for such holds (choose Courses & Registration, then Check Registration Holds).

Exit Loan Counseling

If you borrowed from the Federal Student Loan program while attending Saint Paul College, you are required to complete Exit Loan Counseling in your last semester of attendance. Questions about the Counseling requirement should be directed to Admissions in Room 1300.

Exceptions to College Policy

Exceptions to College policy will be handled through a written appeals process. Appeals should be submitted to Admissions in Room 1300 and must include:

  1. The nature of your appeal
  2. Appropriate documentation
Graduation Ceremony

One graduation ceremony is held each May for students who have completed their program requirements within the academic year. Details are available on the Graduation Ceremony web page.

Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Documents

Degrees, diplomas, and certificates are conferred by the College President to the graduates of Saint Paul College - A Community & Technical College under the authority of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees.

Graduation awards are mailed 3 times per year, as follows for students who apply by the designated graduation deadline:

  • Fall Graduates: Awards mailed in February
  • Spring Graduates: Awards mailed in July/August
  • Summer Graduates: Awards mailed in September

Replacement awards can be requested by submitting the Duplicate Award form and paying the $20 replacement fee. Please contact for a Duplicate Award Form. Replacement awards are sent out according to the above schedule. Please note that your transcript is easily accessible and is the official record of your graduation from the College. Notation of graduation will appear on your transcript within 8 weeks of the semester end.

Additional Services for Graduates

Unofficial transcripts are available to students within eServices (select Grades and Transcripts, then Academic Record, then Get Academic Record). Transcripts produced by the student from eServices are considered unofficial.

Official transcripts can be ordered online or by visiting Admissions in Room 1300 for a minimum $6.25 fee. Electronic transcripts issued directly from the College to a third party are considered official. Paper transcripts issued from the College are considered official for as long as they remain in a sealed envelope.

Career/Job Search Assistance
If you are seeking employment, our Career Services department can assist you. Please visit for appointment information and other career resources.

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