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Parking Information

It is mandatory for all motor vehicles parked on the Saint Paul College campus to use the controlled parking access system.

Visitors may park anywhere in the lots and ramp except for marked reserved spaces. Vehicles parked in handicapped parking spaces require a valid State-Issued Handicapped Permit. All violators will be ticketed.

Access to the parking lots is made via controlled entry. All parking at Saint Paul College is paid parking:

  • Hourly Parking for visitors;
  • SPC Card Parking for students taking classes in the current term;
  • SPC Card Parking for employees who are signed up for a payroll deduction.

Possession of an SPC Card neither reserves nor guarantees a parking space.

Hourly Parking

Hourly parking rates are as follows:

Under 20 minutesFree
20-59 minutes$1.00
60-179 minutes$3.00
180 minutes and over$5.00

Entering: Use the Marshall Avenue entrances or the Kellogg Boulevard Entrance
Visitors and employees who do not choose to have parking access through the SPC Card must enter the lot via the Marshall Avenue entrances or the Kellogg Boulevard entrance to obtain a short-term parking access ticket from the machine.

Exiting: Use the Marshall Avenue or the Concordia Avenue exit lanes
The short-term parking access ticket must be paid at the paystation in the lane when exiting the lot or the paystation in the Parking Ramp 3rd Floor Lobby. The Marshall Avenue and Concordia Avenue exit lanes accept the following for exiting: SPC Card, credit/debit card, pre-paid exit vouchers from paystations, and validated tickets. There is no cash accepted at any exit lanes. All cash payments must be made in the 3rd floor Parking Ramp lobby using the paystation. You will receive a validated ticket upon payment that allows up to 20 minutes to exit the parking lot.

SPC Cards for Students

Upon initial registration, students are entitled to a parking SPC Card. SPC Cards will remain active as long as the student is enrolled at Saint Paul College. Enrollment status will be monitored, and cards will be active/inactive based on current registration status. Possession of an SPC Card neither reserves nor guarantees a parking space.

SPC Card Parking Access Prices

All students enrolled for classes at Saint Paul College will automatically have unlimited access to the campus parking lots with the use of an SPC Card. When you pay your tuition fees, the cost of parking access is included at a rate of $9.33 per credit. Financial aid will pay for your parking and parking access card. This fee will be used to pay for the cost of construction, improvements and maintenance of the parking lots and ramp and access to the College’s entrances and roadways, including lighting, security and snow removal.

  • $9.33 per credit, each semester.
  • New students: obtain SPC Cards prior to the start of the semester from the Photo ID/SPC Card Office.

Admissions issues SPC Cards

Admissions, Room 1300, issues all new and replacement SPC Cards.

Go to SPC Card information page for more information and hours

With an SPC Card, you can use any parking entrance or exit on campus.

Entering/Exiting Parking Lots

Students and employees may enter the parking lot at multiple entrances using their SPC Card.
View Proper use of SPC Cards


All persons operating a vehicle on campus are responsible for being familiar with, and complying with, all traffic and parking regulations. A complete list of parking violations and information about the parking policy may be obtained from the Public Safety Office on the first floor. Saint Paul College assumes no liability for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated on or parked on the campus property. Possession of an SPC Card neither reserves nor guarantees a parking space.

Restricted Street Parking

Restricted street parking around the College is enforced by the City of Saint Paul. A resident permit is required to park on certain streets and other streets have 2 hour parking limits. Violators parking in restricted areas will be ticketed and fined by the City of Saint Paul. View map of street parking restrictions (PDF)

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